Al ikhsan marketing strategy

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Al ikhsan marketing strategy

Initially, the concern started off as a general athletic wear mercantile establishment.

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Today, the name aL-ikhsaN is synonymous with football. As a valued trader, aL-ikhsaN has entree to the latest merchandise scope and information on the newest development in the sportswear industry.

From a individual mercantile establishment, Al-Ikhsan has learnt to stay competitory in hard market conditions, while turning gait by gait to 65 shops in every state within Peninsular Malaysia. The Company started as a individual Sole Proprietorship and each new shop that was opened was separately registered as Sole Proprietorships besides.

It is a major concern for the Government that Bumiputera retail merchants are a minority in about all Shopping Malls and Al ikhsan marketing strategy countries as is apparent from the fact that aL-ikhsaN has been chosen to be a Nominated Franchiser by the Government, aL-ikhsaN meets all the standards for a extremely successful BumiputeraA retail merchant.

The director wants to utilize a suited publicity scheme to increase their gross revenues. There's a specialist from your university waiting to help you with that essay. Tell us what you need to have done now! Unfortunately, aL-ikhsaN athleticss besides affected by it, the gross revenues bead significantly from twelvemonth to Besides that, some TAR college pupils are non satisfied with the aL-ikhsaN services and monetary value.

With this study, the consumers will be able to do comparing between aL-ikhsaN and other athletics accoutrements shops. Last, consumers can cognize better about publicity and pricing of aL-ikhsaN. Therefore, actions can be taken to rectify the jobs and betterments can be doing.

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Furthermore, aL-ikhsaN can be after a better scheme for their gross revenues publicity to increase their gross revenues. Besides that, aL-ikhsaN can obtain feedback from consumers on pricing.

We choose Gurney Plaza mercantile establishment as our restriction of location because it would be easier for us to make research.

Besides that, the fiscal job besides limitation us merely can make the research in Penang. We choose them as our respondents because they are close to us and we can hold feedback rapidly. Secondary informations on publicity scheme of aL-ikhsaN was obtained from aL-ikhsaN web site sing with their gross revenues publicity.

All of the respondents are about old ages old and they portion the same involvement in athletics. Questions 1 and 2 are in respect with nonsubjective number1 which is the mercantile establishment or location preferred by pupils from TAR College.

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Question 3 and 5 are related to nonsubjective number2 for the scope of merchandise sold at aL-ikhsaN. Last, Question 6 in respect of nonsubjective figure 4 which type of gross revenues publicity is penchant acceptable by consumer.

Besides that, the information of monetary values and scope of merchandise are taken directly off from the mercantile establishment at Gurney Plaza.

The figures were calculated as per centums and figure of respondents. In short, it can be concluded that bulk of pupil disagree NO about the mercantile establishment of aL-ikhsaN is easy to happen it.

In decision, it can be concluded that all of the respondent are feel that the merchandise sold at aL-ikhsaN is valuable.

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that the monetary value of the aL-ikhsaN significantly same as other topographic points. Figure 3 4 the type of gross revenues publicity are penchants acceptable by pupils from TAR College in twelvemonth In add-on to this figure 9. There are high figure of people are taking the mega gross revenues as them gross revenues publicity comparison with the other gross revenues publicity.

This is due to the merchandise is valuable and safety of purchasing in aL-ikhsaN. Furthermore, the monetary value of nutrient is sensible and many trade names of merchandise can take at aL-ikhsaN.

The pupils from TAR College are the portion of younger coevalss and they play of import function in the local market.

Al ikhsan marketing strategy

Based on the research, bulk of them disagree about the mercantile establishment of aL-ikhsaN is easy to happen it. So, the pupils more preferable to travel other topographic point to purchase where more close to them.

This is because the monetary value of T-shirt is cheaper comparison to other store and the manner is upgrading all the clip.Al-Ikh san Sports was established in with a single sqft store in Holiday Plaza, Johor Bahru. From sole proprietorship enterprise, the company has evolved to Private Limited Company named as Al-Ikhsan Sports Sdn Bhd.

Based in aL-ikhsaN Sports HQ office, Tmn Universiti Skudai, Johore. Primarily responsible to execute PR initiatives to meet the Company’s communications and business objectives. Particularly handling all aspects of marketing communications and PR activities Title: Managing Partner / Consultant, .

A marketing strategy refers to the plans that a company comes up with on how best to address it’s consumers in the existence of a competitive business environment.

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Strategic marketing is all about how a company identifies its strongholds in the market and exploits them. Boost traffic and revenue with a full suite of SEO and competitor analysis tools.

Discover new opportunities to find, reach, and convert your audience. The Marketing Information system Al-Ikhsan sports is a system which handle the data on marketing activities. The aim of these system is to manage the data well, create the report based on ordering transaction done by customer and analysing the marketing strategy.

Volume 22, Number 12 (December ) pp A SPECIAL SECTION Selected Peer-Reviewed Articles from the Advancement on Informatics, Business and Management.