Has india progressed after 64yrs of independence

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Has india progressed after 64yrs of independence

Has india progressed after 64yrs of independence

These statistics indicate that, sinceIndia has been making steady progress. Moreover, there is a large disparity in the literacy rates between different states, and also between both genders.

Has India progressed after independence

The SSA program aims at ensuring availability of schools, infrastructure, especially in the rural areas, with special focus on girl-students. The 'National Literacy Mission', one of the programs of the mission, targets adults in the age group of 15 - 35 years.

This scheme was introduced to increase the number of students attending school, and to provide nutrition to them at a nominal rate, in government-aided institutions.

Hence, during the pre-independence period, there were very less women who were educated. However, as a result of the government's efforts, there has been a large improvement in this regard.

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The 'Mahila Samakhya Programme' was launched in with an aim at giving quality education to women, that can boost their confidence, and enable them to make valuable contributions to the Indian economy. In India, the UGC has been conferred the right to disburse grants to universities and colleges, and also act as a regulator for university education.

It was formally established in November All these trends show, that despite considerable improvement, India has a potential to do much better.

There are many who do not complete secondary education, especially in rural areas.

Has india progressed after 64yrs of independence

Poverty and a huge population are also the contributing factors for India's low literacy rate. Yet, with efforts from both, the citizens and the government, things are looking good and set to improve even further.India at Cross Roads After 65 Years. India at the cross-roads 64yrs after Independence Since , India has been celebrating Independence Day to rejoice in her freedom from imperialism.

After independence it was the agricultural sector that contributed the most to the India GDP but in recent years it has been the services sector, which has contributed the most.

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The Contribution of Infrastructure Sector in India GDP The contribution of the sector to the India’s GDP has increased after the Indian government opened up the. The history of technology clearly shows that attempt to forecast requirements of energy and materials beyond the immediate future are .

Ruled by the British Raj for almost years, India finally gained freedom on August 15th, As such, a lot of laws and systems in India are influenced by the British system, and the education system is no exception to it.

India, before independence, was divided on the lines of the caste system. N. Vittal's Software Technology Program, along with the economic reforms of , laid the foundation for this industry's spectacular progress.

India's information technology exports grew from a mere $ million in to $ billion in , and is projected to reach $60 billion by Although the mortality rate during the first 2 years after SCI has been reduced over the past 30 years, Strauss et al.

() noted that there has not been a substantial change in life expectancy following the second year post-injury.

Development of the Education System in India After Independence