Nu skin business plan

In only six years, Nu Skin grew so much it began operations in Asia, with a headquarters in Hong Kong. As with any MLMthe first thing people think about is whether or not it is a scam. It also operates a charity called the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation, a charitable organization that operates around the world helping those in need. Nu Skin Products While Nu Skin originally sold primarily skin products, it has grown to sell well over health and personal care products.

Nu skin business plan

NuSkin does of course tend to attract a pretty upscale group to its distributor base. Then they showed you the NuSkin compensation plan and probably started drawing those little circles on the paper to show the magic of MLM style leverage, and all you could see when you closed your eyes that night were dollar signs.

You were hooked Now I know from my 25 years in the Network Marketing industry that the excitement of those early days can carry you for quite a while, I mean you are excited by the very thought of what lies ahead of you, but then at some point you have to actually start building the business and oh my gosh, actually talking to people.

Now for most people, the journey into network marketing begins with their being told to make a list of everyone you know COI or center of influence list and then you are told to simply give them a call and tell them the story of this great opportunity you have run across.

Traditional NuSkin Marketing Now if you have a good NuSkin upline they will probably be on the call with you 3 way calls and all you will have to do it to introduce them and then listen while the pitch the NuSkin business to your friends and family and close business associates.

Now depending on what kind social circle you have, this warm market list of potential NuSkin prospects can either have hundreds of names on it or be painfully small. However the size of the list really does not matter because the bottom line is that sooner or later you are simply going to run out of prospects to call.

You hit the wall and you know you need to take it to the next stage but you have no clue on what to do next. Now this is generally where the average person ends their short career in network marketing and they drop back to just consuming the NuSkin products and give up on the business vowing to get back to it at some yet undefined point in the future.

nu skin business plan

Now there is nothing wrong with that as a starting point, but expecting to find fame and fortune from just a few people, is you know pretty silly. Now I have a confession to make here, I actually started my network marketing career in NuSkin and had a similar experience.

I did do the warm market approach and I did of course make a list, but that only carried me for about 6 months and I got so sick of chasing people around and listening to their lame excuses, I think I quit 5 times just in those first 6 months.

Then I discovered marketing I sought help from some of the successful reps in NuSkin that were actually making the big bucks and finally opened my eyes to the error of what I was doing. They asked me what are the chances if you just go out and target the few people you know, that anyone on that list is even going to be remotely interested?

I mean even if you have a pretty good warm market list of people or so, if there is nothing to qualify this prospect list except that you know them in some fashion, the odds are actually not real good that anyone will even be remotely interested in starting their own business or in what you are doing.

They went on to say, now what if you put information about the NuSkin business in front of people that were qualified in some way and actually looking for some type of opportunity?

Your odds are now getting better that you will find distributors. Now how about if you put the NuSkin business in front of or 10, or a million? Suddenly the parts of the puzzle of NuSkin success seemed to fall into place. Now this does not mean that I had some divine business plan for NuSkin success pumped instantly into my brain, it was more like a hazy view, but it was a direction!

You see the idea with marketing is to move your focus from just a narrow market of a few people you know to a much larger market and actually advertise to generate MLM leads so that you are dealing with a qualified market. The larger the market the more leads, the more leads, more prospects, the more prospects, the more distributors and so on.

There were by last count about 1. Now mastering the use of the internet for advertising is really not that complicated and there are many good online training programs and marketing systems that can teach you what you need to know to begin marketing your business.

Ready to take your MLM business and income to the next level? Because of his expertise in cold marketing approaches he has been featured in 4 nationally published books on Network Marketing His nationally recognized expertise in cold marketing strategies has helped thousands of distributors reach their goals.Nu Skin has been around for a very long time and has established itself as a company in the network marketing industry.

Nu Skin Business Opportunity

Founded in by Steven Lund, Blake Roney, and Sandi Tolliston, this company knows how to attract customers to their business.

Nu Skin Enterprises Inc has had a tumultuous few years. It achieved substantial sales growth in the highly coveted Chinese beauty market, only for its success to come tumbling down after investigations into its Chinese business forced a temporary stop to sales.

nu skin business plan

SALES COMPENSATION PLAN BROCHURE. Nu Skin duplicate your business. When your Distributors and retail customers choose to purchase Fast-Start Product Packages** from the Company you earn the Fast-Start Payments (payment from the sale of Fast-Start Product Packages).

Jul 18,  · The best business compensation plan that pays its distributor the highest in commission. nu Skin pays you the maximum commission possible. • Commissions from Step 1 and 2, PLUS Sales Compensation Plan, and may be modified or discontinued at any time with 30 days notice from nu Skin.

distributor is a not-for-profit Business Portfolio. All product purchases are optional. The NU Skin team actually helps in training and business orientation of their new distributors in various parts of the world. And to implement such plans, they rely on their distributor agents who then inform and train people on the company’s business plan and modes of operation.

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