Our mother tongue by jose rizal reaction

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Our mother tongue by jose rizal reaction

OR What is the theme of the poem? It is about the last message of Rizal for the Philippines, his family and friends, to prayerful men, and to next generation Filipinos.

Ode, sonnet, ballad, dramatic monologue, lyric, confessional, modern, post-modern, etc. When writing, include a short summary of the poem.

Sa Aking Mga Kabata - Jose P. Rizal - Pinas (aka Philippines)

The poem shows Philippines as the most beautiful place then proceeds to battle fields and honorary death. At the 3rd stanza, the author recognizes his death and encourages the Philippines to pour out his blood if it needed be.

The 6th, 7th and 8th stanzas portray a message for future grave visitors to remember him and offer a prayer. The 9th stanza begs for universal prayer to honor those who sacrificed their lives before Rizal.

And the 10th stanza became a reminder of Rizal that his song for the Philippines will be heard after all else is gone. Stanzas 12 and 13 are adoration to the country.

Our mother tongue by jose rizal reaction

The 14th stanza is a conclusive goodbye for all. No, it remained dreamy and sad. Optimistic, pessimistic, religious, pantheistic, mystical, cynical, etc. The inclusion of childhood vivid memories and the farewell to family members. Are they apt and suitable to the situation?

How do they enhance the meaning? One great quality of good poets is to find similarity in quite dissimilar things.

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He uses personification, simile, and analogy. Do they add to the charm of the poem? Is the theme universal? What are the similarities and differences? Is it touching, for example?

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Our Mother Tongue (A poem in Tagalog written by Rizal when he was eight years old) IF truly a people dearly love The tongue to them by Heaven sent.


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