Write an account of classification of lipids with suitable examples

Since then, a number of additional documents relating to the naming of glycolipids 4prenols 5and steroids 6 have been released by this commission and placed on the IUPAC website http:

Write an account of classification of lipids with suitable examples

Question paper setter can modify against blue print. Distinguish between a particle and a wave. What are the conditions for effective hydrogen bonding? What is the significance of negative electronic energy? Define orbital Unit - 2 Q — 32 1.

Calculate the effective nuclear charge experienced by the 4s electron in potassium atom. Calculate the electronegativity value of fluorine on Mullikan's scale from the following data: Compare the ionisation energy of nitrogen with that of oxygen.

Explain why the first ionisation energy of Be is greater than that of B.

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Or The ionisation energy of boron is less than beryllium. Ionisation energy of Neon is greater than that of Fluorine. Or Neon has more ionisation energy than fluorine. Larger the size of atom lesser is the ionisation energy.

The electron affinities of beryllium and nitrogen are almost zero. Why is electron affinity of fluorine less than that of chlorine?

Why is ionisation energy of fluorine greater than that of oxygen? Why is the first ionisation energy of Beryllium greater than that of Lithium? Compare the first ionisation energy of Aluminium with that of Magnesium.

Compare the ionisation energies of Carbon and Boron Unit - 3 Q — 33 1. How is phosphoric acid prepared in the laboratory? How is potash alum prepared?

How is Xenon fluorides prepared? Or Illustrate the dehydrating property of phosphorous pentoxide P2O5 with two examples. Prove that phosphorous acid is a powerful reducing agent.Justify with a suitable examples. Write the mechanism of floral organ differentiation in Arabidopsis.

What are the components of lipids?

B) Write in detail about classification of lipids with suitable example Q. 9. Write short notes on (16). 1. Introduction. Cholesterol attracts continuous interest of physicians, cell biologists, biochemists and biophysicists due to its uttermost importance in human pathobiology, its central role in regulating cellular functions, its complex metabolism and its impact on membrane structure and dynamics. Key concepts and summary. Lipids are composed mainly of carbon and hydrogen, but they can also contain oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorous. They provide nutrients for organisms, store carbon and energy, play structural roles in membranes, and function as .

Give an account of fatty acid biosynthesis. Outline the synthesis of membrane lipids. What is a t-distribution?

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Explain the properties of t-distribution. H c) Write classification of lipids? Differentiate between saturated and unsaturated lipids with examples. Q4) Write short notes on any four of the following: [16] a) Nicotinic acid. b) Quorum sensing. Explain the terms giving suitable example.

Write a note on ketone bodies. 5. Write a note on codon degeneracy.

write an account of classification of lipids with suitable examples

Differentiate between oxidation and reduction reaction giving suitable examples. 7. What are cofactors? Give an example. 8. What are hormones? Give two examples. 9. What is obesity? Give an account on classification of vitamins and their deficiency diseases. (a.

write an account of classification of lipids with suitable examples

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Discuss the forces that determine folding, conformation and structural organization of proteins? Write an account of structure, function and nomenclature of nucleotide? Give the biological importance of phospholipids?

Write a note on steroids? SECTION –C.

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